The Stewardship Committee, riding the wave of enthusiasm and increased commitment shown by the congregation, has undertaken a Campaign for Growth that will provide transitional support for the church as we move into the future.
After review of a financial feasibility study undertaken by the Stewardship Committee, the church agreed to 1) use some endowment funding and 2) seek an additional $200,000 over four years to eliminate the balance of our church mortgage and free up resources for programs and staffing. The vote was unanimous.
Over the new few months the Stewardship Committee will develop a case statement and prospectus for the campaign and garner the necessary commitments from members and friends by late spring. We will readily share these documents with prospective ministerial candidates as they are produced. Congregants are solidly behind this movement towards growth and becoming a church that serves as a guiding light for Central Connecticut.
Campaign For Growth
You can make a pledge of financial support here using our on-line form.  This form will allow you to make a pledge to our annual program fund or our Campaign for Growth.

Your pledge form will be forwarded to the church collector directly from this webiste.
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You can make a payment on your pledge, capital campaign contribution, or make a one-time donation using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal® account.

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Each Unitarian Universalist Church is an independent self-governing congregation.  We are dependent on our members and contributing friends who support the work of this free religious community through their generous financial contributions.
What is my contribution used for?
Pledge contributions go to our general fund which supports our ministry and programs.  Roughly 50% of our budget funds professional ministry and religious education.
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