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Join us for worship each Sunday.  Our services begin at 10:30 AM and generally last 1 hour followed by refreshments and a time for fellowship and reflection.  Children join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service, and then adjourn to their RE classes.  
You are welcome here!
Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whomever you love, you are welcome at The Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden.  We are a faith community made up of people from all walks of life, all ages, and a variety of religious beliefs.  Bring your spouse, your children, your family - no matter what kind of family you have.  We welcome and celebrate all people of every gender expression and affectional orientation.
Did You Miss A Service?
Each week 25% of the undesignated  cash offerings in the Sunday collection plate are used by the UUMeriden Social Justice Council to further the work of this religious community in outreach beyond our doors.

A selection of many of the sermons from past services here on the website in text and audio format.  If you missed a sermon or would like to read or listen to one again  you can  GO TO THE SERMON PAGE
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Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
Worship Associate: Barbara Kline
Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
Worship Associate: Megumi Yamamoto
"White Supremacy in our UU World"
Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull with
Michael Milardo, Angie Swanger, Diane Szmaszek & others.
Worship Associate: Lisa Urso
“So Many Fathers”
“Resiliency and Joy”
Worship Leader: Lisa Urso
Worship Associate: John Sepples
Who will do this?  Who will do that?  Who will step up to chair or co-chair?   We need somebody to….   Oh no, there’s that precarious word again!  Let’s consider how the “somebody syndrome” tends to be at play in our congregation and well beyond.   With a touch of humor, we’ll explore this together, identify alternatives, and hopefully set a tone for the year ahead.
Yes, “white supremacy” is a raw phrase, but so is the reality.  At the strong urging of Black Lives UU, we will join hundreds of other UU congregations in bringing this matter front and center in the context of worship.   How does white supremacy play out in our congregation and in our larger UU world?  Why is white supremacy such an uncomfortable phrase for many liberal white folks?   Why is it critical that we engage this matter now?   How have recent happenings in our UU world “inspired” this worship service?  This is an experience not to be missed.  Come, let us open our hearts together through sharing lived experience, raw truth, and tough love.

Second Sunday Potluck - Please bring a salad, entrée or dessert to share for this now traditional celebration of food and fellowship directly after the service.
There’s the father who sired us, the father who raised us, maybe both, maybe neither playing a central role in our lives.   There’s perhaps a Stepdad, with whom we may deeply connect or downright tangle.  There’s maybe a Grampa, a Pop-Pop, who indulges our whims or whom we perhaps never knew, or who lights up when he spots his grandkids running towards him.   Like the multifaceted families that we are, so too our fathering and our perceptions and memories of being fathered are “all over the map.”  With humor, pathos, and love, we’ll explore our own maps on this Sunday dedicated to fathers.
It is all too clear that times are difficult, and many world events are upsetting. Yet it is important to find pockets of happiness--nay, joy--amid the darkness. How can we make this happen? Join us for some wisdom from those who have been through hardship, yet managed to find some bright spots throughout it all.